Stavri Nikolov

Stavri Nikolov is a researcher and entrepreneur. He is the Founding Director of the Digital Spaces Living Lab (DSLL) in Sofia, Bulgaria. DSLL is a Living Lab (member of the European Network of Living Labs) which develops and tests new technologies, services and apps for digital media, wearables, lifelogging, museums, and smart cities.

In 2013 Stavri co-founded Smart Fablab, the first fab lab in Bulgaria and was its founding director. He is also co-founder and Research Director of Imagga Technologies Ltd, and co-founder and Head of Research of Attentive Displays Ltd. Imagga is one of leading Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service companies in the world, providing Image Tagging and Classification APIs for developers and businesses to build scalable, image-intensive apps in the cloud. Attentive Displays is a provider of consultancy, system integration and software development services in the field of attentive and interactive displays, eye-tracking based systems, and data and information visualisation solutions.

In the past, Stavri was also a Senior Scientist (Digital Identity and Information Search) at theInstitute for Prospective Technological Studies of the European Commission in Seville, Spain, and a Senior Research Fellow in Image Processing at the University of Bristol, UK (1998-2007).

Stavri’s research interests, projects and businesses over the years have spanned many areas including image analysis, image fusion, image search, new methods for data visualisation and navigation, gaze-tracking, wearables, HCI, lifelogging, the construction of attentive and interactive information displays, video surveillance, digital identity and biometrics, and location-based services.