Poligon MakerLab

Poligon MakerLab is a platform within Poligon Creative Center, established on grounds of the coworking work method, specially designed for its full-time and part-time users. Poligon is thus an autonomous platform and work space for non-profit and for-profit project development with an agenda to empower the self-employed.
The Poligon MakerLab -with technical equipment that enables fast prototyping for industrial designers and a quality materialization of concepts for other creators – is a fully operable facility that enhances those capabilities.
We have both an educational agenda led by the POTI-POTI.org team in all the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, as well as consultancy specialized firm (Fabrikaid d.o.o.) aimed to innovate solutions in the fields of engineering, production and business.