Nikola Krstić

Nikola Krstić was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is currently attending High School of Electricial Engineering “Nikola Tesla”. From a young age Nikola loved tehnology, through the years mostly occupied with Software Engineering, Web Development, Hardware, Mechatronics etc.

Many times awarded on Programming and Mathematics competitions: Case study on Maturang Android APP by Infostud (2016), National Programming Competition (2016, 2017), Best Business Idea in Serbia (2018), Interactive Media Design (2014, 2016), MMC – Android App Development (2017),  RCFYT Mathematics Competition (2012, 2013), etc…

Today Nikola is the CEO of EasyTech, company that makes Assistive Technology Devices and Software, and inventor of EasyGlove, a glove for blind and visually impaired people. Also he is the Lead Developer at PROMOS Organisation.