Nevena Ivanović

Nevena Ivanovic  was born in Belgrade in 1992. After completing undergraduate studies in the French school of fashion and fashion management “Mod’Art international” she founded her own brand “NEO design”. She successfully continued her education at the “School of Art and Design”, where she graduated in June 2016. She has participated in group shows  at BAFE and Belgrade Fashion Week, but her first solo fashion show was in Paris in September 2016. She became a member of the BFW Design collective through platform for young creatives -Fashion Incubator. As the encouragement to young designers, she won the prize“ BazART“ ,as well as the prize „Textil Young Designer Award“ and in addition to these two awards she was one of three winners of the B-Future competition.  During 2017. Nevena won several prizes and awards including being selected as the best national designer at Serbia Fashion Week, being nominated as Woolmark prize European finalist and finally Fashion Scout SEE prize that awarded Nevena with fully sponsored show at London Fashion Week on platform ONES TO WATCH. At the end of 2017 Nevena won special prize at Belgrade Fashion Week for spreading and promoting Serbian tradition all over the world. Her brend  NEO design strives to bring traditional techniques of making clothing and jewelry to a new age in which functionality will benefit from the simplicity inspired tradition.NEO design is based on a new vision of functionality. Clothing, jewelry and accessories are intertwined and they form a multifunctional unit, which adapts to the one who wears it offering the possibility to personalize. Connection between the past and the future is necessary for a strong and healthy society and NEO is trying to provide it through clothing designed for powerful, artistic and mystic souls .