Milutin Nikolić

Milutin Nikolić is an old school roboticist. Robot kinematics and dynamics are his realm. As his daytime job, he works as an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, teaching next generation engineers his trade secrets. Once he finishes with that, then he helps SF startup Aeolus robotics build an elderly care robot. Through his work, he has found a place for robots everywhere, fabricating one-of-a-kind structures on architect’s request, motivating kids suffering from cerebral palsy to exercise, drawing you portrait in few strokes, laser cutting custom exhausts for Porsche 911’s, that he can’t afford himself. In his belief next big market for robotics is in health technologies, where some robots and robot-like devices already made a breakthrough. He is here to present robot Marko, which has been developed at Faculty of Technical Sciences from the University of Novi Sad.