Mobile fab labs use in Turkey

Memet Unsal

Memet Ünsal is a project manager, PhD mechanical engineer with specialization in robotics, and a backpacking & photography enthusiast. He quit his corporate job in 2014 and moved back to Turkey so he can work on several projects close to his heart. He is developing projects for strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey while helping create a global community of like-minded collaborators with the InnoMate team.

On his PhD, he worked in several areas he really enjoyed from robotics (6 degree-of-freedom parallel platforms) to vibration control to smart fluids. After graduation, he moved on to a corporate career at Procter & Gamble. During his 7 years at P&G, he managed global programs, relocating to several countries including Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Italy, and Belgium.

He is currently the program director of InnoCampus ( which travels to different universities around Turkey. InnoCampus is a nonprofit mobile accelerator / Fab Lab program. He also recently co-founded InnoMate with the goal of building and running Fab Labs in Turkey and neighboring countries as well as developing projects for promoting experiential and making-integrated learning in K12 education. Finally, he is teaching a course on managing new product development and entrepreneurship at Sabanci University Istanbul.