Teacher Maker Camp - experiences with training teachers in maker education

Karien Vermeulen

Karien Vermeulen is Head of Programme of Waag Society’s Creative Learning Lab. In this role Karien is responsible for the strategic and organisational outline of activities in the Creative Learning Lab, the educational department of Waag Society.

Karien intends to inspire education to develop projects in which new technologies are applied to create optimal learning environments. In these projects creativity, co-creation, experimentation and above all the learning experience play a central role.

Karien studied Psychology at the Free University and Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. From 2005 to 2011 she worked atDiversion, an Amsterdam based project office for social innovation. She was responsible for several youth participation and education projects. She developed Socratic conversation training for teachers, was involved in the design of the Academy of the City, organizedshadow elections for school students in Amsterdam and started Blikopeners, the youth project of the Stedelijk Museum.

At Waag Society Karien is involved in projects that concern playful learning, mobile learning, learning through making, citizen science and embodied learning.