Guilhem Velvé Casquillas

CEO of Elveflow/Elvesys, largest European company for microfluidic chips.

Guilhem Velvé Casquillas got his Physics PhD from ENS Paris in 2008. After his post-doctorate years in cell
biology, he turned to entrepreneurship by creating the Elvesys Microfluidic Innovation Center, a cross
between a private research lab and an incubator for biotech startups. He took part in the creation of many
other biotech startups: Black Hole Lab SAS , Cherry Biotech SAS, 4D Cell SAS, Eden Microfluidic SAS,
Darwin Microfluidic SAS, Longlonglife SAS…
Their common goal is to develop cutting-edge science instruments for a faster technological revolution in
biotechnologies. As a transhumanist, in 2017, Guilhem Velvé Casquillas started the
project in order to spread accurate scientific information in the field of anti-aging research, to allow
everybody to take their fate into their own hands.
One conviction: the ongoing biotechnology revolution could make us the first generation of amortals.
One mission: to give that choice to everyone, as soon as possible.