FabLab Zagreb

FabLab Zagreb, start in 2011, and officially registered in 2013. as association for promoting digital fabrication. It is still only member of FabLabs.io network in Croatia. FabLab Zagreb is non for profite NGO with focus on education, research and innovation for all. Currently hosted at Faculty of Architecture, we have strong connection to architecture and technical students, with strong connection to modeling skills in architectural but also parametric and generative modeling and use in digital fabrication both in technical but also in artistic fields. Beside higher education we are dedicated to promote design thinking, innovation and new tech to the schools in Croatia working on paradigm shift from consumers to creative innovative society with greater value add for local and global economy. Beside usual FabLab role, helping individuals to bring ideas to live, FabLab is also supporter of eNable the Future initiative and make their own efforts to help people with special needs. This research is going from sensor measured customized medical accessories to research in natural user interface. From 2013. FabLab Zagreb is organizing annual event, 3D printing open days, bringing together not only digital fabrication enthusiasts but also makers individuals and groups from region.