FabLab Budapest

FabLab Budapest, an open innovation laboratory. We are located in the downtown of Budapest, Hungary. Being member of FabLab network, our aim is to democratize access to personal and collaborative invention and innovation using digital technologies to make „almost anything”. We reach the scientific and engineering community by offering prototyping and manufacturing services, we also have a comprehensive education programme for rapid prototyping in general. Being a Rhino FabLab we teach parametric and generative modeling for artist and craftsman included the use of digital manufacturing.

At FabLab Budapest we offer several digital fabrication technologies for our users such as FDM and SLA 3D printing (additive manufacturing), structure light, time of light and photogrammetry 3D scanning (3D scanning), 3 axis and 4 axis CNC milling (CNC milling), 2 axis laser cutting (laser cutting), 2 axis hotwire CNC cutting (Hotwire cutting), 2 axis plasma cutting (Plasma cutting), 2 axis vinyl cutting and
electrical prototyping.

David PAP

Presently David is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of FabLab Budapest, an open innovation laboratory. He believes in bottom-up innovation and helps others to create their first prototype. His goal is the democratization of digital manufacturing technologies. FabLab Budapest celebrates its fifth birthday this year. This workshop is the only Hungarian member of the international FabLab network.