Djordje Djordjević

Đorđe is the co-founder and manager of Garage Lab Belgrade, a new hardware makerspace/laboratory founded in 2017 and focused primarily on Internet of Things (IoT) and Electronics, where he works with both startups developing hardware solutions, as well as the children making their first steps into the hardware realm, through community gathering, meetups, workshops and courses. He is also running a startup accelerator Smart City Challenge Serbia, which empowers regional startups focused on creating smart city solutions. Recently, he joined Solagro Smart Recycling, a Belgrade-based startup producing smart beverage can crushers as a Business Developer. In his day-to-day job, his position is Innovation Manager at the ICT Hub Corpo Lab, where he works on connecting corporations with startups and introducing new, innovative approaches and technologies into the traditional industries, assisting with digital transformation. Even though he comes from the political science background, he has completely shifted to tech in the last three years, sworn to never go back.