Bart Bakker

Founder of MiniFablab Utrecht and Fablab Benelux

‘Bart Bakker is a former technology forecaster and was involved with many of the very first fablabs in the Netherlands. He is a member of Waag Society and is on the Board of the BeNeLux FabLab Foundation. When many fablabs experienced capacity problems with their lasercutter, he got interested in smaller fablab machines. Which now are available and quite affordable too.

In his garage he manages the Minifablab which also assists people the want to start a fablab. He coined the idea of a larger fablab as a hub, with a swarm of minifablabs in neighborhoods around it. With that perspective he is building now a full-blown Library Makercart, that includes a lasercutter and air filter, but only 70 cms wide, that can be deployed in a school or library.’